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Here you will find out all the best works by this advertising agency. Works, projects and ideas risen up along copiaincolla story. An advertising agency is made of its own ideas Here you will find out all the best works by this advertising agency. Culligan - Social branding and web presence The social communication strategy for the company of water treatment. Spuma di Sciampagna - Social Branding. Hinowa - Brand Web Campaign A creative campaign for the web. Within the limits of space and time of a display banner, the right idea can make a message of immediate impact and catch the attention of the public.

Cribis - Digital Strategy iCribis - A B2B Digital Strategy A new web communication for a company that provides business information to small, medium and large companies. A project ideated, scripted, shooted and brought online for the engagement with users.

A good work. Samurai - Sales Folder The commercial development of a brand requires strategies and contents that can intercept the expectations of a potential customer.

We did this for the largest Italian toothpicks brand. Arpa - Company Web Site How can it be the website of a company that selects and distributes fertilizers for farmland? Boring and technical, many could say. However, it can be designed and built in this way too. Natfood - Brand Presence One of the most important Italian companies in the world of Horeca distribution has chosen us to create and define a new communication system useful to supply some individual brands.

Biofutura - Product Web Presence A website and seasonal landing pages to support a range of products for cough cure.

Loacker Remedia - Press Campaign for Rescue Night An essential communication output on the most important national newspapers for a homeopathic product that induces sleep.

They asked a single campaign, we gave them two. Hero - E-commerce: Digital and Social Campaign A wide online and offline strategy to communicate the new e-commerce is born.

A system including DEM, mailing, display campaigns, landing pages and much more. Apam - Public Transport Website A digital project that made public transport easy. Even with a smartphone. Sipa Zoppas Ind. An UX that organizes all the company's offer.

A website ready to welcome the Chinese SEO. Apam - Dynamic campaign for sustainable mobility An original dynamic campaign for a public shuttle bus for the sustainability and protection of Mantua city. Ciccarelli - Radio commercial for Pasta del Capitano A campaign for the in-store radio on air into the biggest supermarket chains. Sound effects and a strange passionate about toothpaste. A communication able to lead you in front of the right shelf.Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements.

And as I see their work in advertising other entities product and service, I keep wondering: how do they advertise their own services? If someone would ask you: what design agency would you recommend for this project? You would probably mention the name of an agency you had a positive experience with or an agency that you appreciated for a project.

But how would an agency present itself to the world? How would they answer the famous questions: why should I work with you? The following print ads display unique, creative and hilarious ideas of self-promotion, approached by agencies. Rorschach Test helps to reveal hidden desires and fears. Making it possible to find the best approach to the problem. Sustainable Advertising www. Fall, rise, and now stay up there. Our sport is to create. Boiling hormones.

Celebrating the agency 15th anniversary, Jump! The ad was published in a brazilian advertising yearbook. Agency: Jump! We think the answer lies within the question.

Especially when it comes to marketing communication issues. So, have you any question? I am a web and graphic designer, with a background in marketing, interested in visual communication and more. I created wabbaly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Advertising agencies self-promotion. Home About Contact. Home Advertising Advertising agencies self-promotion. February 21, Wanna talk about it? Voted best young agency of the year.

Sergiu Naslau I am a web and graphic designer, with a background in marketing, interested in visual communication and more. Share This. Previous Article Design work of Martin Grohs. Next Article One year of Wabbaly! Thank you! Cancel reply. Give life to your designs. Graphic design. Latest Posts.Brands like Dove and Lane Bryant are recognizing the power of positive body image—check out their new confidence-building ad campaigns.

Feeling beautiful in a world with supermodels and gorgeous actresses dominating every magazine cover, billboard, and TV show can be tough-really tough, some days we're sitting here staring at April's cover model Olivia Wildeafter all.

But thankfully, some companies are giving us the ammunition to fight back against negative messages-both from the world and from ourselves-with new campaigns intended to inspire all of us to feel stunning, inside and out. Granted, they're all from companies trying to sell us something. But we appreciate that they're saying it in a way that will help us feel better about ourselves rather than make us feel like we're less than perfect. Has Body Image Become Oppressive?

A Look at the Backlash Against Beauty. If you were presented with two doors to walk through, one marked "beautiful" and the other marked "average", which would you choose? That's the decision Dove poses in their powerful new campaign, Choose Beautiful.

And it's immediately clear that this is not as easy of a decision as you may think. The video shows women upon women waffling between doors. Ultimately and disappointinglymost end up going through the average door. While some of the women said they just didn't want to appear conceited, most said that they really don't feel pretty.

It's too far away, out of reach," says one Japanese woman. But, most interesting, was how this choice made them change their view of themselves. By the end of the experiment and after some were dragged through the more positive door by their mothers and friendsmost of the women say they'd walk proudly under the "beautiful" title if given the chance again. Lane Bryant just released a cheeky new ad campaign that takes aim at the impossibly gorgeous Victoria's Secret Angels.

The plus-size brand has women model their new lingerie line while saying "I'm no angel After showing off their hot and much more relatable bodies, the models add, "I'm all kinds of sexy! The message is a powerful one for a generation that grew up envying the VS Angels for more than just their wings. And there's nothing more powerful than seeing a woman who actually looks like you touting confidence and sexiness. Women's breasts come in all shapes and sizes-but you'd never know it based on the limited offerings in most stores.

It's not just a problem of exclusion: Ill-fitting underwear condemns large-chested ladies to years of tugging, digging, and spillage.

But Curvy Katea lingerie brand designed specifically for women who are a D-cup or larger, decided to fight this battle on two fronts: By designing affordable, high quality bras in larger sizes and by sending out a call for real women to post pics of themselves modeling their lingerie as part of their annual Star in a Bra campaign.

The snaps were then posted online where people could vote for their favorites. Curvy Kate named Sophia Adams the "Star in a Bra," but they also created a powerful ad with 10 of the fan favorites. The art direction came directly from Victoria's Secret's fall "Perfect Body" ad campaigncreating a strong visual message by having real women pose in the same way as the models.For people who want to be always updated about our performances.

For people who don't want to miss news about our advertising company. The communication agency has won 6 stars for its winning communication.

For the water treatment brand, the agency studied a new social presence. The company offers report services to clarify the real financial state of the business: red The Christmas Campaign success suggested Motta to ask us to create the Easter one too. Loacker Remedia asked us to communicate its lactation product.

The new website and e-store for the company of flower growing products. The agency won the tender for the digital communication, social planning and data analytics of Let's meet to talk about your communication and our ideas. Nur will be there too. Our digital project for Bauli company gains the 1st place for engagement on Facebook and The only Italian spot is the ours. The one we created for Tartufone Motta.

We created the new campaign for the italian cult by Bauli Group. The social branding and web presence project developed for Boscaini Scarpe. The site we designed for APAM shows how the public transport can be really effective and Made with Nur. That's the web site we worked on with Nur. Their new digital hq. The cocoa Italian company chose the agency to design its Italian and worldwide ads campaigns.

An original campaign for a public shuttle bus to preserve environment. A campaign to present to audience and market the new brand and its promises. The major Italian supermarkets and stores transmitted this radio spot. In partnership with Nur, we designed an online and offline strategy.

The newspaper talks about the project we're working on for an Italian small town. Company communication and Italian hq branding. A project into the medical universe. We'll work together. People will find and take their bus by their mobiles. The Llama copiaincolla trained to have your revenge on unpleasant people. There is a man brushing his teeth and it is on air into the biggest Italian supermarket chains.

An unusual project for products like these. A great food-shopping success. On and off-line, with events, facebook and press. And even a giant muppet. To show all their digital point of work. Nel cortile di Palazzo Castiglioni, un posto per stare tra te e the.Self-promotion is perhaps one of the trickiest projects any advertising, marketing or design agency can undertake. It seems odd to outsiders that this would even be an issue.

After all, when you're the client, surely you can do whatever you want, right? Well, sadly perception is much more idealistic than reality. Here then are the reasons why self-promotion is so tough, and a few basic guidelines you can follow to ensure this task is both a fun and creative one and not a monkey on your back. There are a lot of issues associated with self-promotion.

The top six often hamstring even the biggest and best advertising and design agencies:.

Hey Beautiful! Self-Love Has Been Dominating the Internet All Week—And We Love It

Someone or a committee within the agency decides that it's time to do some self-promotion work. An account manager has a quick chat with someone from the senior team in the coffee room. They then drop in on a creative team and mention in passing that some self-promotion ideas would be good. And then everyone just hopes that it will all appear like magic, being exactly what everyone in the agency wants to see, and done with little fuss or effort. It is all wishful thinking. If the job isn't taken seriously, the work won't be seriously good.

It won't even be mediocre. And eventually, it will have to be redone, perhaps several times. If the agency is serious about self-promotion work, treat it in the same way that you would treat a paying client's project.

The Job Always Takes The Back Seat Another big problem with self-promotion work is that it is always going to be the job that's put on the back burner because paying jobs always take precedence.

Now, that's all well and good, but the reason you get those paying jobs is often through work that's done on the backs of the agency's staff. It's fine to put it off when big jobs hit, like pitches, but if the job is scheduled and in the traffic system, give it the respect it deserves.

Often the cry is one of "but everyone knows who we are" or "it's self-promotion, we can do whatever we want. There should always be a strategy, a goal, a set of guidelines, some firm direction, and a deadline. Without a brief, you are putting up a big, red flag that says "this project doesn't really matter" and you'll be right. You can't build anything without a foundation. The creative will ask "what's the budget," and the account team will say "there isn't one, do what you like. Attain a budget from the people who control the money.

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Advertising agencies self-promotion

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