Sivakasi municipality

Sir, I am residing inVisalakshi nagar. Gnagiri road, Sivakasi. Every Tuesday street drainaged to be cleaned, but no body cleaning it. The drainage is fully closed and drainage water in the drain produce good amount of mosquitos. I have once contacted the Commissioner over phone and complained it no improvement noticed. It is my kind request to take remedial action. With warm Regards. Respected Sir Madom,Kindly inform what is the procedure to get the death certificate for death occured in house.

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sivakasi municipality

Retreive Password. Register Now.Free for one month and pay only if you like it. In this context, this Court, vide judgment in R. Tamilarasi v. We Indians were inheritors of a great civilisation.

Trichy ASG Lourdusamy Pillai Central Bus Stand, Tamil Nadu

We are proud of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. Our History texts are replete with the great style of living of our forefathers. The known history of "baths and bathings" is almost 5, years old, beginning from Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley Civilisation when every house had bathrooms fitted with terra cotta pipes encased in bricks. In the remains of Harappa civilisation at a place called Lothal 62 km from Ahmedabad sewerage system, drains and water supply systems were found in an excavation.

It was the time when people amazingly had water-borne toilets in each house and the toilets were covered with burnt clay bricks. To facilitate operation and maintenance, they had man-hole covers and chambers. It was the finest form of sanitary engineering. But, with the decline of the Indus Valley Civilisation, the science of sanitary engineering disappeared from India, only to be revived years later when French and Britishers started coming to the country.

Harappa village also shows evidence of building blocks separated by parallel streets, bathrooms connected by terra cotta pipes with soakage jars.

In the Khukera alluvial plain, mud brick was used. But burnt bricks have also been found to have been used in drains. At Hastinapur, excavations have shown drains constructed with burnt bricks. In individual houses, several vertically placed jars with perforation at the bottom were used as soakage pits. At Mohenjo-Daro, there is a remarkable building to the west of the main street.

The central focus of this building is series of rooms. The room areas are generally alike in size and shape and were used as ablution places. At Kalibangan atop one of the platforms, there lay a series of 'seven fire altars' and to the west of these altars was a well and bath pavement, suggesting ablutions before the performance of a ritual. Today we have fallen from those great heights. Mahatma Gandhi said India lives in its villages. But in the present sanitation situation where 1.

Defecation in the open is still prevalent in India where million people defecate in the open. Women are the worst sufferers as they have to go out before sunrise or after sunset for want of privacy.

sivakasi municipality

Because of neglect of sanitation any hygiene, morbidity of infectious diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, viral hepatitis and enteric fever, remains almost unaltered. The high incidence of infectious diseases in the developing world which are primarily related to lack of sanitation, hygiene and safe water is also primarily responsible for the abnormally high child mortality in countries of Sub Saharan Africa and India.

A survey was conducted among the people of U. After a pre-millennium opinion poll, Time magazine of the US has reported that the people have voted sanitation as the most important invention of this century - more important than atomic bomb, space vehicles, life-saving drugs and thousands and thousands of other inventions which have made our times far too different and better than any that humankind had known in its recorded history.

Toilet is one single small-time invention that has made us civilized persons to enjoy splitting atom, probing the psyche, splicing genes, cloning sheep, inventing plastic, radar, silicon chips, television, satellite, telephone and everything else that has changed this century beyond recognition.

Toilet is humankind's top achievement.

About Sivakasi

It is in this background, the present Writ Petition will have to be seen. When the Writ Petition came up for hearing on The said order came to be extended from time to time and finally, until further orders on On notice from this Court, a counter-affidavit dated Heard Mr.

Swaminathan, learned counsel appearing for the petitioner and Mr. Dilip Kumar, learned counsel appearing for Sivakasi Municipality. The case of the petitioner was that the School was started in the year as an aided institution and more than girls are studying.Thiruthangal is a municipality in Virudhunagar district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Ninra Narayana Perumal temple is also one among the Divya DesamsVishnu temples revered by saint poets, Alwars of 6th—9th century. The place is also famous for Karunellinathar templelocated adjacent to Ninra Narayana Temple.

Thiruthangal is 2 kilometres far from the industrial town of Sivakasiknown for its printing, match-works and fireworks industries. Thiruthangal is well connected by bus and train and can be reached by air via Madurai. As ofthe town had a population of 55, As per chief minister Edappadi K. Palaniswamy's announcement on 13 October ,the town of thiruthangal will be soon integrated with new Sivakasi city municipal corporation. According to censusThiruthangal had a population of 55, with a sex-ratio of 1, females for every 1, males, much above the national average of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for The average literacy of the town was There were a total of 27, workers, comprising 59 cultivators, main agricultural labourers, 1, in house hold industries, 23, other workers, 1, marginal workers, 6 marginal cultivators, 22 marginal agricultural labourers, marginal workers in household industries and 1, other marginal workers.

As per the religious census ofThiruthangal had Thiruthangal is once a part of Sivakasi among the largest exporter of firecrackers all over the country and abroad. Thiruthangal is the hub for many villages surrounding it like SukkiravarapattiSillayanaickenpattiAlamarathupattiNaranapuramSengamalapattiVelliapuramAnaikutamVadamallapuramErichanathamM Pudupatti etc The town has mono track broad gauge railway station.

It will connect Chennai and Sengottai. Thiruthangal is now added with a pyramid meditation hall under the name of Sitthar Arumuga Thambiran Pyramid Dhyana Beedam. Panguni Pongal and Thai Poosam are celebrated every year. Sivan Temple and Perumal Temple are located at a same place. Temple in Tiruthangal is one among Divya desam The main deity is Nindra Narayana perumal in standing posture with his consort Chengkamala thayar in separate sanctum. Teertham is papavinasa teertham and vimanam Deva Chandra vimanam.

Sridevi and Neeladevi are to the left and Bhoodevi and Jambavathi are to the right side of perumal. Markendeyar is seen in sitting posture to the right side. Brugu Maharishi, Anirudha and his wife Usha are seen inside the sanctum. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Image of Ninra Narayana Perumal temple. Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 13 September Duke University Press. Retrieved 18 June King Harikesari Parakkiramma Pandianthe king of Tenkasi between andwanted to construct a temple for Lord Siva at Tenkasi. He went to Benaras Kasi and worshipped the Lord and brought a Sivalingam from there. While returning from Benaras to Tenkasi with Sivalingam the King and his army were too tired and they decided to take rest under the "Vilva" trees now the Sivan Kovil.

They spent a night over there. In the early morning the King got up and made preparations for his journey.

About Sivakasi

But the Cow which carried the Sivalingam refused to move from that place. The Queen also attained her puberty. On the account of various incidentsthe King placed the Sivalingam where he rested and built a small Temple at that place itself and performed Poojas.

Accordingly, the Sivalingam was enshrined in the month of Vaikasi at Rohini Star and worshipped the Sivalingam. Normally Temple will be dedicated for a town, but to a great dismay after the advent of the temple this town was formed around this temple and hence the town was named as Sivakasi.

He came to Sivakasi and realized the worth of Lord Siva. He build the Sivan Kovil and all facilities and Sculptures. The forest around the temple was made into a living place. Till this town was in the status of Union Panchayat in G. No dated Ramasamy, B.

Officio Chairman of the Council consisting of 12 members nominated by Govt. This Nominated body was continued up to From the year the council was represented by the elected body of the people and Thiru P. At that time, this town was divided into 12 wards and 16 counsilors. Later the Strength was increased to 24 and revising the town into 22 electoral wards with 2 reserved seats one for Schedule Caste and the other for women.

The strength of the Council was further revised as 30 and the wards have been revised as The Municipality attained the status of 2nd graded Municipality from and as 1st grade from The area of the Municipality at the time of constitution was acres. This town is located at 9. This town is about 6. With the grace and mercy of Lord Siva the city became popular for its renowned products like Matches, Fireworks and Printing.

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sivakasi municipality

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About Sivakasi

The Citizen's Charters of Tamil Nadu government departments are provided. Users can find the department-wise citizen charters of the state government. One needs to select the department to view the citizen charter for it.Toggle navigation Census The Sivakasi city is divided into 33 wards for which elections are held every 5 years.

The Sivakasi Municipality has population of 71, of which 35, are males while 35, are females as per report released by Census India Population of Children with age of is which is 9. Literacy rate of Sivakasi city is In Sivakasi, Male literacy is around Sivakasi Municipality has total administration over 18, houses to which it supplies basic amenities like water and sewerage.

It is also authorize to build roads within Municipality limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction. Sivakasi Work Profile Out of total population, 29, were engaged in work or business activity. Of this 21, were males while 7, were females.

In census survey, worker is defined as person who does business, job, service, and cultivator and labour activity. Of total working population, Sivakasi Population The next census for Sivakasi Population will be held in Right now all figures for are estimates only.

Top Metros. Metropolitan Population 1 Mumbai 18, 2 Delhi 16, 3 Kolkata 14, 4 Chennai 8, 5 Bangalore 8, High Population. High Literacy States. State Literacy 1 Kerala Copyright Census Population Data.This city is known for its firecracker, matchbox and printing industries. Sivakasi is locally administered by a special-grade municipality which covers an area of 6.

Roadways are the major mode of transport to the town, while there is also railroad connectivity. InSivakasi had a population of 71, As per Chief Minister Mr. Edappadi K. Palaniswami announcement on Oct 23,Sivakasi town will be upgraded soon as Municipal corporation city Integrated with Tiruthangal and other several village panchayats.

The year means a lot to the success story of Sivakasi as the first fireworks manufacturing industry started its operation in the town. The town of Sivakasi is widely looked at as India's fireworks hub as the region is the official address of more than fire crackers manufacturing industries extending direct employment opportunities to over forty thousand people. Not just that as the massive base of fireworks industries in the town offers indirect work opportunities like packaging, printing, box making, wire cutting and tube creating works to over one lakh people in the region.

The yearly production of fire crackers is almost fifty thousand tones and turnover at industry monetary value is approximated around three fifty crore rupees.

The Government of Tamil Nadu gained almost forty million rupees through nuisance tax collected from the fireworks industries alone. Kaliappa Nadar started the first printing press of Sivakasi known as 'Sivakasi Industrial Printing Works' during the yearwhich simply kick started the success story of massive printing industry base of the town.

As a matter of fact, Sivakasi falls second only to Gutenburg Press located in Germany for the total number of offset printing machines it owns. The town of Sivakasi is notable for its printing industries as the region houses more than printing presses, including offset printing, foam printing and flexo printing.

In Shri. Shanmuga Nadar and Shri. Ayya Nadar were moved from Sivakasi to Calcutta to get exposed to the various techniques involved in the safety matches production. The Nadars came back back to the town of Sivakasi with all the essential expertness regarding safety matches production and collectively founded South India's first safety matches industry known as 'The South India Lucifer Match Industry' during the year Also, the town of Sivakasi houses more than two hundred safety matches companies in the region extending employment opportunities to more than thirty thousand people.

Sivakasi Weekly is a leading online epaper, advertising agent and digital marketing company in Sivakasi. Sivakasi All About Sivakasi. About Sivakasi. Google Map. Places to visit. Kutty Japan Sivakasi Photo Gallery. Sivakasi Municipality Office Building. Industries Sivakasi "The Industrial Town". Fireworks Printing Safety Matches. Sponsors Sivakasi Weekly.

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