Sharpshooter raw deal wwe ss2

Live from St. Louis, Missouri go Rams this is the Raw Deal for episode Follow me on Twitter johnreport. Raw started with Justin Roberts introducing Shawn Michaels to the ring. No video package or music intro. Michaels is the special guest ref for Daniel Bryan vs.

Randy Orton at Hell in a cell in two weeks. Michaels said he respects the competitors and Hell in a Cell right there in St. Orton is from St. Louis, so he got a bigger pop than he might usually get since going heel. Orton said he was born and raised in St. Louis, which got a pop. He claimed that the people of St. Orton claimed that Michaels resents him because he knows that Orton will always be that much better than him.

Orton threatened Michaels by saying he would hurt him if Shawn tried to do some kind of screwjob. Michaels said he had two words for him. Orton went for RKO, Michaels slipped out and he went for the superkick. Orton went out of the ring. The Miz attacked Orton in the aisle. He threw him into the security wall.

Referees came out to break it up. That set us up for the first match. Michaels just went over his history with everybody. He made a point to say there would be a new WWE Champion, which is something I think all fans want to see. Orton insulted the people of his hometown to get heat.

No surprise there. I liked seeing Miz attack Orton because it was already announced they had a match, so might as well start it off right there.

Miz gave Orton a clothesline over the top to the floor. He went for a dropkick outside the ring, but Orton avoided it and gave Miz a clothesline on the floor. Orton threw Miz into the steel steps a couple of times. They went back into the ring, which led to Orton throwing Miz over the top rope to the floor.

Miz drove Orton into the ring post. Back in the ring, Miz hit his corner clothesline and then a double axehandle off the top rope.

sharpshooter raw deal wwe ss2

Miz kicked Orton into the hamstring while Orton was in the turnbuckle. The lights went off. The Wyatt Family was at the top of the ramp. The lights came back on, Orton turned him around, hit the RKO and he won the match after six minutes. Obviously the finish was the distraction ending costing the babyface the match. Orton winning was no surprise.Hi Raw Dealers! Welcome to the RawDealSG page, where you can find eventually all alternate art versions of Comic Images printed cards.

This isn't an Aleister Black specific, but he sure does love it! Who wants to pick a fight with Aleister Black? Austin Powers approved. How about a new belt for the ladies! Another new way to beat down your opponent! Bet you didn't see this coming! It's time for NXT to be scared of something for once! V11 will officially be a Superkick party!

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Steve Giannopoulos. Mark Chartier. See more. Our question is: Does Jake The Snake have to put the SAME number of cards with the word "DDT" in the title from his ring area and ringside pile, or could he put say 10 cards from his ringside pile and 0 cards from his ring area?

What is your understanding? Unique F: 12 D: 0 See more. We are sad to report that Joe Laurinaitis, better known as Road Warrior Animal, has passed away at the age of There are no other details available on the cause of death. This is obviously a huge loss for the millions of fans that grew [ V11 has a Major Announcement! Blindsiding indeed.HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Hi I have the below listed cards for sale and for trade.

Last edited by RideRed; at PM. Reason: Updating. I have many cards. Where the hell are we? Booker Thrust kick x 1 Tell me Never more! What about raven? A beating you'll never forget celebral assasin game over?

Rock Rock face card Shades of the Great one Remove the people elbow pad The brahma bull 1st print The peeps champ Pago, pagoamerican samoa Know your role and shut your mouth just who in the blue hell u think you are? The people's kip up Patented's Rock footstomp x 3 1st print The people's eyebrow 1st print The people's elbow 1st print Do you smell what the rock is cooking?

DDT Raw Deal WWE SS2

Take that move, shine it up real nice Your brush with greatness is over Get ready You Think you're Untouchable? Is Chloe your favourite puppy Torrie Wilson going for how much? The rumble pack foils for trish and torrie are?

Is Chloe your favourite puppy Torrie Wilson how much is it going? EvansChen wrote: hey dude, i selling WWE cards, price and stuff as stated.

Sodas Rule! Listen, You Reekazoid! Attitude Adjustment So Long Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are On. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Guys i selling cards hey dude, i selling WWE cards, price and stuff as stated. Interested enquiry Is Chloe your favourite puppy Torrie Wilson going for how much?I had left playing Raw Deal over the past five years or so to pursue other hobbies.

The conversation turned into two little kids on Christmas morning talking about designing a Raw Deal cube. What started as just an idea consumed my mind over the past week and led me to design the following Raw Deal cube.

There is an additional step when cubing in Raw Dealbut I will describe it in detail a bit later. Ultimately, Raw Deal was such an enjoyable card flopping moment in my life and I know that a cube will allow future moments with old friends and card floppers to enjoy some sweet nostalgia while getting that card gaming fix. What is a cube? For those of you who are new to the concept of a cube, the general concept is quite simple: a cube is a pool of cards that can be randomized, organized into packs, and used to draft.

Regardless of the type of cube you prefer, the truth remains that cube drafting is one of the most skill-intensive limited formats around. The way that cubes are designed makes it so that each card in the pool is of a fairly similar quality. You might expect that since each card is relatively good that the decisions are easier since you have more reasonable choices. The opposite is actually true.

There are going to be cards that are much better in one deck type than another, even though both are still quite good. Raw Deal had raw draft in the past. This was the closest the game ever got to a limited format, but it would equate to a sealed deck format.

We tried drafting Raw Deal in the past, but you could tell it just was not designed to be drafted. Loving the limited format in card games more than the constructed, I remember wanting this for Raw Deal back in the day.

Sadly, it was not really achievable. Creating a cube would allow this once defeated idea to become a reality. Please comment and share what you like or dislike. The better the feedback, the better the cube is for all of us. The current Raw Deal cube is cards consisting of :. I hand-selected cards from the Revolution sets to be in the cube. There are only cards that interacted with pre-Revolution cards in the classic Raw Deal sense.

WWE RAW DEAL - 3X Double Clothesline Takedown *FREE SHIPPING* RARE *Playset*

I am not knocking Revolution era raw deal. I just preferred to design my cube this way.Results matching fewer words. Skip to main content. Include description. New 2 Items 2. Used 4 Items 4. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format.

Rikishi Driver - SS2

All Listings. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Delivery Options. Free International Shipping. Free In-store Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns.

sharpshooter raw deal wwe ss2

Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Verified. More filters Any Condition New Used. Gallery View Customize. Not finding what you're looking for? Save wwe raw deal deadman to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Last one. Free returns. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates.

For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. This page was last updated: Oct Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.The sharpshooteroriginally named sasori-gatamescorpion hold in English, [1] [2] is a professional wrestling submission hold.

The move is similar to several other holds: cloverleaf leg-lace, Boston crabstanding reverse figure-four leglockand, is also known by several other names, the most commonly known alternative being Scorpion Deathlock. The move was invented by Japanese professional wrestler Riki Choshu[3] and it was popularized by Sting who mostly does the standing variation rather than the sitting variation, but it is generally associated with Bret "Hitman" Hartwho used the move extensively in his WWF career and gave it the now most commonly used name, the Sharpshooter.

The Sharpshooter hold begins with the opponent supine on the mat. The applying wrestler A steps between the opponent's O legs with their own left leg and wraps O's legs at shin level around that leg. If A decides to cross O's legs around A's own right leg, A has to cross O's right leg over O's left or the left leg over the right. Holding O's legs in place, A then grabs O's leg which they has crossed over the other and steps over O, flipping O over into a prone position before leaning back to compress O's lower back.

This move is used more commonly by Canadian wrestlers, typically in Canadato get a bigger crowd reaction, since the move is associated with Bret Hart and the Hart family. While Bret "Hitman" Hart is the wrestler with whom the Sharpshooter is most often associated, Ronnie Garvin and Sting were the first wrestlers to prolifically use the hold in North America, during which time it was called the Scorpion Deathlockderiving from the original Japanese name.

Hart revealed that the only person in the locker room who knew how to execute the move was Konnanwho taught it to Hart. In WWF publications of the era, Bret's father Stu Hartlong known as a trainer in the game, was generally given credit for devising the move.

Edge innovated a variation where he would apply the hold normally, only to face the opposite direction and kneel on the opponent's legs. Shawn Michaels applied Hart's own Sharpshooter on him. Vince McMahon double-crossed Hart by ordering referee Earl Hebner to ring the bell and award the match to Michaels, despite Hart never having submitted.

This moment would be referenced within kayfabe through various future events; McMahon repeated the action at the next year's Survivor Series inas part of a storyline, during the "Deadly Game" tournament final between The Rock and Mankind.

Also known as an inverted sharpshooter combined with a double chickenwing, this hold sets up the same as the sharpshooter, with the opponent supine on the mat with the applying wrestler stepping between the opponent's legs with their right leg, and wrapping the opponent's legs at shin level around that leg.

However, instead of stepping over the opponent to flip them, the applying wrestler flips the opponent over from left-to-right, keeping the opponent in front of them.

The applying wrestler then leans over the opponent and grabs their arms, applying a double chicken wing to the opponent. The applying wrestler then squats back, lifting the opponent's torso into the air. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Professional wrestling submission hold.

World Wrestling Entertainment. Wrestling Retrieved JR's BBQ. Professional wrestling maneuvers. Dropkick Leg drop. Boston crab Nelson hold Pin Sharpshooter. Doomsday device.

Bret Hart. Hart wrestling family. Calgary Hitmen. Stu Hart. Matt Hart. Ben Bassarab B. Roddy Piper Dynamite Kid. Johnny Smith Jason Neidhart. Categories : Professional wrestling moves Bret Hart.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata.Ticket to Fly (1) 7.

Komachi Force (9) 1. Golden Words (13) 8. Pay the Ones (6) 2. Emerald Ice (7) 5. Upper House (5) 3. Magic Word (5) 2. Ticked Off (11) 8. Loyal Toast (10) 1. Miss Liffey (7) 3. Endless Sizzle (2) 1. Rosie's Tiara (4) 1. Music Scene (6) 5.

sharpshooter raw deal wwe ss2

Bold Shot (7) 6. Bubbaleenah (6) Scratched 2. Oakwood Lady (6) 6. Prima Stella (11) 1. Colonial Reign (6) 4. Snitzel Reign (14) 6. Bold Approach (3) 1. That Said (10) 3. Tahnee Tiara (6) 1.

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