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Threads 6 Messages Threads 5 Messages Jul 9, notrui. Minix X8-H Android 5. Sep 25, shaw Filters Show only: Loading…. I bricked my non plus x8-h by flashing plus firmware.

Replies 7 Views Mar 23, alek.

minix forum x8h plus

Netflix not working. Az76 Mar 14, Replies 3 Views Mar 14, gdf. Minix X8-H - FW flashing issues. Replies 12 Views Mar 6, notrui. Sound dissapears for seconds during watching movie.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity.

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Sub-forums Sub-forums Official Firmware Releases. Threads 8 Messages Thursday at AM psivide. Threads 5 Messages Mar 23, Vale. Threads 6 Messages Tuesday at AM Colonol. Filters Show only: Loading…. Replies 3 Views Friday at PM Pingouin.

Decoder init failed: AML. Replies 1 Views Thursday at PM ArcticWolf. RazorBlades Feb 7, Replies 13 Views 1, Apr 2, RazorBlades.

Neo x8h plus linux desktop? Replies 2 Views Login or Sign Up. This is a sticky topic. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Doing refresh ROMs for all my Minix boxes.

I am not going to say a lot about it but here are the features.

Minix Neo X8 KitKat To Lollipop

It's totally debloated! I did this to have this box just be for playing videos, KODI, etc. For me it runs Kodi I did some other tweaks for memory and video performance. Kind of my usual tweaks I have always done like on the U1. Do not ask for a update. Tags: None. Last edited by bangsergio ; Comment Post Cancel. Hi, would this work on a Wetek Core? Thank you! Thank you for this update.

Hey guys, I managed to get this working on my mxiii s Thanks in advance. Thanks, rbiam At first I want to say thanks a lot for this work!The Minix software engineers have also built in effective frame refresh rate switching which works equally well within KODI as it does through the built-in video player which, incidentally, is able to playback 4K content - including HEVC encoded material — at up to 30 frames per second.

We got a lot of use out of the X8-H Plus as an audio streamer and the ability to stream lossless, from the likes of TIDAL, to Bluetooth speakers can turn it into the ultimate jukebook device. Casual gamers are also well catered for and, with an increasing number of Android games including gamepad support, things can only get better here too.

They will do all you want, at maximum possible resolution, and are great devices in their own rights. Moving up the flexibility ladder, take a look at the Amazon Fire TV which essentially runs Android but requires workarounds and more fiddling around to get it close to the versatility of the Minix.

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Minix Neo X8-H Plus Review

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Your extraordinarily flexible friend by hodg Mar 22, Review Specs Discussion Home AV Review. What is the Neo X8-H Plus? In terms of the mainstream market, you can compare the X8-H Plus to the likes of Amazon Fire TV — which is essentially an Android Box — and the Roku family, although the latter is a more walled environment, lacking the liberties of Android. So why now and why Minix? The reason we made our initial approach to Minix, is quite simply down to the fact that the company receives mostly positive customer feedback, for their support and very regular stream of software updates.

What can these Android TV Boxes do? Dealing specifically with the Neo X8-H Plus we have in front of us, the answer is lots! Think of it as a fairly powerful Android tablet in a boxy casing but with no built-in display; instead you attach it to a TV — or other HDMI capable display — to view the images.Login or Sign Up. Minix Neo X8-H 5.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Got my X8-H non-plus on lollipop 5. The Rom looks made for S bootlogobut after reading a few other threads here freaktab for beelink s89 devicesthe S is said to be compatible with the S so i took the shot. The OS starts in p strangely enough on my old p it works as well so if you don't get screen output switch over to a capable monitor and switch back.

The menu dashboard has some glitches but the most android settings can be reached through "more settings" Wifi and bluetooth turns on but i did not test it.

Kodi 17 krypton works, it says p everywhere but like i said my monitor is p only. The device did not get a speed-boost but hey, krypton is working.

And if you don't install allllllll the add-ons out there, through installers, it works quite OK. Installed it through a micro-USB cable with the supplied burn-tool in the zip on windows 10 x Good luck and enjoy.

Tags: None. Is this legit. Can anyone else confirm? Would like to try it out. Basic uses for me are kodi, bubbleupnp, viperfx all on wired network. Bluetooth is a must however for the keyboard. Comment Post Cancel. What i found out is that the newest kodi krypton, 17 does not have the amlogic-codec anymore so i have to stick to jarvis This is because the enclosed codec was closed source or so.

You can use frequency switcher addon. You need root access. I give up on those Admins on the official forum states that no firmware would be possible Was tired of waisting my time trying to ressucitate those NEO X8-h plus. All four boxes didn't cost me more than one Minix!

And the end resultI can't find nothing that works on this box. Also, is dualboot possible on this? If somebody can compile a ROM for this box, I can try them and reply back if is working or not. I'm sure that are many users with this box, waiting for a working ROM. So, any help from a ROM developer is appreciated! From all ROM'S I've tested, only some with nand installation worked, but without wifi, bluetooth working. Multiboot doesn't work either.

Also, I can't install any addons in Kodi.

LibreELEC for Minix NEO X8-H Plus?

I need a ROM version compiled for this specific type of processor. I've taken a bit of old surkovalex and mixed in a bit of current kszaq and come up with this LE 8. Hopefully WiFi should work properly. The IR remote should work out of the box. Dual boot may work. I've tried in my Minix X8H-Plus but it doesn't boot. I actually have installed android 5. I've followed your instructions, but it stucks in minix logo.

Can you try adding this boot. No luck. I've tried with all convination, and it doesn't boot. I have a suggestion, why the image does not start. I can see several files that were used for Assembly? Hello all! Zitat von MihalacheM. Zitat von wrxtasy. Nah, you are not doing anything wrong. Zitat von atomizasser.

minix forum x8h plus

Am I doing something wrong? Erm, you just follow the regular LE 8. September Amlogic.Posted this before but it seems the thread vaporised when one of the mods was trying to edit the title for me. The firmware is in beta at the moment. Minix had got quite a lot of flak on their forums for not updating the device to Lollipop and I'm not sure I'd have looked at another Minix box, given the price premiums for them, if it looked like they were going to not update the firmware, especially given that Minix support is often given as the justification for the higher prices for them.

Details here:. Not sure that Kodi Try it and let us know, I would be interested to find out. Think you might be looking at a minimum of android 6. Minix been promising that upgrade for months now. They said it would be available the end of April. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Easy enough to check Kodi system requirements on the Kodi 17 Wiki.

Incremental updates would not normally require a new Android version and if it did it'd be updated there. By jimmybcool Started 5 hours ago. By rooster59 Started 21 hours ago. By BookMan Started February 1, By Jingthing Started April 3. By rooster59 Started 20 hours ago. By Kelsall Started 7 minutes ago. By webfact Started Tuesday at AM. By webfact Started Yesterday at AM.

minix forum x8h plus

By webfact Started Thursday at PM. By Regain Started 6 hours ago. By geisha Started 5 hours ago. By webfact Started Wednesday at PM. By gearbox Started Thursday at PM. Search In. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Minix to update X8-H Plus to Android 5. Recommended Posts. Posted May 31, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted June 1, Go To Topic Listing. Do they eat dogs? Phuket: Showing kindness in a crisis - Thai helps foreigners in virus distress.

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