Cat cake template

Decorating a kitty cat cake is really fun and easy!

50+ Best Cat Birthday Cakes Ideas And Designs (2019)

Since my daughter loves kitty cats and I love my grandkitties, it seemed only appropriate that we decorate a kitty cat cake for my daughter's birthday. Making this kitty cat cake is simplified by having the design template pictured below and the step by step instructions on how to make a Kitty Cat Cake provided in this article.

You decide the cake and frosting flavor. I chose to make a white coconut cat cake, but I plan to make a German Chocolate cat cake for Halloween.

Of course, you may prefer a black cat for Halloween or a tabby cat for a birthday party. Authorship: Sylvestermouse. Since this article is about decorating the cake, we are going to start with the cake already baked, cooled and ready for decorating.

For the cake shown, bake the white cake in two 8" round pans. Allow it to cool completely before you cut the cake sections according to the cake diagram below. Moderated by Sylvestermouse. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Neomi Rios, unfortunately, I don't have a printable template. If I can find a way to create one for you, I will add it to this article and leave a new note comment that it is now available. That is such a cute cat cake! My daughter loves cats, as do I. It'd be nice if she also liked cake and coconut. Wow this is so great!

I know my sister in law would adore this - she has a big ginger cat, so I might try this out with some food colouring Might end up as a disaster but worth a try!

cat cake template

Oh, goodness, how cute this cat cake! But, I have my dog Tidbit here beside me and she wants a black chow cake too! Returning with a fresh angel dusting for your cute kitty cat cake We're invited for a children's party on Saturday- this kitty cat cake would be perfect to bring! Awe, that is So Cute!

I was thinking of "Hello Kitty" but this is Much Better!! Love the kitty Cat Cake! How cool. I'd like a lemon flavored cat, but I can be flexible :.Everybody has a soft corner for cats. Even dog lovers admire the cat. That is why Cats are the most popular pet in the world. Cats are popular among kids too and every now and then you might receive a request of younger one to bake a cat cake for you. This is kind of funny cake where a black cat is got messed up into wool.

It would be an ideal cake for a toddler.

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You can model your cat cake after them. Cats are slim and fast and this trait makes them very attractive. You can go for the siamese birthday cat cake. Who says it needs to be your kids birthday? This is a birthday cake for a year-old who is still kidding from the heart as you can see how beautifully this cat cake is baked and those big green eyes are lovable.

Bake a simple cake and use cat candle as cake toppers.

cat cake template

A cute black cake trying to tie the knot. Amazing wedding cake. Too many cats might not look good on a cake but a cat lover wont mind. This smiling cat cakes brought smile on my face too. In real cats and dogs might not go along well but you can surely put them together over a cake. Home Birthday Cakes Birthday Wishes.When my son turned one, I made him a cake in the shape of the number one.

It was pretty easy to do, and came out great! He absolutely loved it. You can use any kind of cake and frosting for this. I used a box of chocolate cake mix and the Magnolia Bakery chocolate buttercream recipe.

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Make the cake in two 8-inch or 9-inch rounds. Then, when the cake has cooled, you can cut it and assemble it into the cat shape. I used an upside-down half-sheet pan covered with foil for the base of the cake. To make the shape, leave one of the rounds whole for the body. Use a sharp paring knife to cut the other round as shown in the diagram below:. I did a little additional trimming to get the shape exactly how I wanted it.

Then, I iced it all over and pulled the icing spatula up quickly off of the frosting to create the slightly furry effect. Finally, I melted some dark chocolate chips and some white chocolate chips and put the melted chocolate into 2 small ziplock bags.

I cut a tiny hole in the corner and piped the chocolate onto the cake to make the fact and define the ears. To design the face, I just looked on Google Images for cartoon cats, and roughly copied one that I liked to the best of my abilities and keeping in mind I was using melted chocolate.

He also scored a pretty awesome hand-me-down Lite Brite. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I'd shake your hand, but I seem to be holding 2 ice cream cones. Also, this is the Internet. Use a sharp paring knife to cut the other round as shown in the diagram below: I did a little additional trimming to get the shape exactly how I wanted it.

The verdict? Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Find me on Facebook. Follow on Instagram. All Rights Reserved.We've collected all of our templates from the October issue of Martha Stewart Living in one easy-to-find place.

Subtly Colored Centerpiece. Vulture's Cage: Vulture and Cage templates. October Templates. Save Pin ellipsis More. Comments 21 Add Comment. October 30, Anything white or light colored glows under black lights. Any suggestions about where to find the black light reactive self-adhesive paper? Didn't have much luck with my web search. Thanks for all the comments on what you find missing or how to find specific things. But i can use it, thanks so much for having it here to use. I can't wait to cut my pumpkins and make this cage and bird.

October 28, The coffin template is with the cat one!

cat cake template

I followed the link to the Brownie Vampire Coffin, but found nary a coffin What happened???? O, Martha, you disappointed me!! October 27, This link page is totally screwed up and it is obvoius that no one at Martha S. October 25, I finally downloaded the 2 Cake templates 1 and 2. Were they saved as tiffs instead of jpegs?

They are just line drawings. October 19, Actually the cat template was "Cake Template 3". I can download Cake Templates 1 or 2. Is there an alternative link? October 17, I used all 3 of the cake templates to make the cookies for the haunted house cake. I found that if the page errored out I just reloaded it and then I could print it.My Recipe Box.

Join Now Sign In. Black Cat Cake Template. Cake Decorating. Cake Filling Types. Cake Decorating Ideas. Storing a Cake. Provided By RecipeTips.

cat cake template

Black Cat Cake Template Reviews. There currently aren't any reviews or comments for this article. Be the first! Rate It! Add A Review Now! Comment on this. Kings Cake Recipe. Easter Cake. Flag Cake. Baseball Cake. Softball Cupcakes or Cake. Football Cake. Halloween Pumpkin Cake.Here is some cute Cheshire Cat party printables for your kids birthday party! We have printable party hats, straw toppers, food cards, a game board, flag banners and more.

Just watch it down below! Print out the Cat Tails template which is the 24th link above. Cut each Cheshire cat tail out and laminate. Tape a popsicle stick or toothpick to the back and stick down in the cupcakes. Or you could just stick the tail in the frosting with out a stick on it. Cheshire Cat Tails - Take pink strawberry wafer sticks and add some purple frosting lines down it to make it look like a tail.

Cheshire Cat Burgers - Cook your own hamburgers or buy some McDonalds Burgers and print the Cat Tails template out and tape a toothpick to it and stick in the burger. The cat tail template is the 24th link up above. Teapots - Make teapot cookies or buy them on Etsy. Mad Hatter Treats - Use different colored macaroons and line on a tray. Print out the "Mad Hatter Treats". This is the 16th link up above.

Playing Cards- Buy white square debbie cakes and stick a guardsmen heart shaped head down in the cake at the top. Here is a picture of what Kandy's Creations did with her adorable debbie cake gaurdsmen snacks. Playing Cards Banner - Make a long banner by buying a deck of playing cards. Then just punch two holes in each card and run some black or red ribbon through it. Then hang it up over the doorway. Tea Party Table - Cover the table in a very frilly fancy table cloth and set large tea pots and add some tea cups to the table.

You can buy decorations on ebay or amazon for alice in wonderland characters. Talking Flowers - Add a large vase on the table and fill with very large colored ostrich feathers.

Add in some fake flowers and glue goggle eyes to the flowers. Here is the Milk Carton tutorial video. We have a free printable milk carton template that is link number 22 up above. This tutorial will show you how to make the milk carton if you decide to print the Cheshire cat milk carton template out. Free Mermaid Birthday Party Printables. Here is the printables down below: 1.I made a Pusheen Cat cake the other day, this is how : You will need: -your favourite cake recipe -your favourite icing - 4 tooth picks - white fondant -black food dye and colours of your choice for mini cake -a cake board or plate -rice krispies optional -clean paint brush and water.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. For this, you can use your favorite cake batter. I used vanilla but what ever you like best will be perfect. I had two different sized round, glass Tupperware containers that were oven safe. I used the larger one for Pusheen and the smaller one for his little cake. This will work with any size round pans you have. Though the bigger your pan, the more layers you will need to get Pusheen to have the right height proportions.

I made five "6 cakes and two "4. Once baked and cooled, cut the rounded tops off. I stacked four of my larger cakes with cream cheese icing between each layer.

I then trimmed off the top to make his head just a touch pointier. I used my last large cake to cut into filler for parts of his body that weren't quite fat enough. I cut the cake into half moons, then cut those again to wrap around the base of the cake tower. Any additional scrapes were used to stack on top of his head. Stack the two smaller cakes, again with icing between and cover the entire outside.

I covered the cake with white fondant and the put blue on top to look like dripping frosting. Pusheen has dark grey stripes on his body. I added extra black dye to my left over body coloured fondant to achieve the stripe colour.

I rolled the fondant out thin and cut two large stripes for his back, four medium for his tail and three small for his head. You can use a clean paintbrush to brush on water that will secure Pusheen's stripes to his body. Pusheen has the cutest face ever, not to mention the simplest to recreate. I uses his stripe coloures fondant to roll round balls and stick on for eyes. I rolled a long skinny tube and formed it into the shape of a "3" for his mouth. For wiskers I took four tooth picks and cracked them a few times down the length of it.

They turned out like little curved whiskers. You could use food dye to brush on these and stick them in, but I once again used a covering of fondant. I put two on each side of his mouth. You can decorate Pusheen's cake anyway you like. I found a picture of Pusheen with a birthday cake that inspired this real cake, I decorated mine similar to his. Just ball up some fondant and make fun shapes. This mini cake is also the perfect place to stick your birthday candle! I made fondant balls, similar to the ears and stuck them on for little hands to hold a sign.

I just used regular computer paper to write a sign to be held.

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